Salt Chunks 2-5 cm

Salt Granuales 2-5 mm

Body Soap

Deodorant Stick

Massage Balls

Massage Round

Massage Heart

Bath Cushion

Salt Granuales Box

1Kg Salt Chunk Bag

1Kg Salt Granuales Bag

25 Kg Salt Chunks Bag

25 Kg Salt Granuales Bag

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On Demand:

  • Any shape and size can be produced
  • Wooden base & plastic feet can be fixed
  • Private labels/brands can be placed

Himalayan Bath Salt

Himalayan Bath Salt, being pure and natural, is far more effective than the artificial bath salts. Mixed with water, it purifies it via detoxication.  Himalayan Salt Soaps are perfect for enhancing the smoothness of the skin. From salt soaps to salt cushions, our products guarantee the customer satisfaction.

Available in bulk and wholesale quantity Suhail International ensures the premium quality Himalayan bath salt. Because of its rich nutrients and enchanting natural colors, Himalayan Bath Salt is discerning choice for bath salts and therapeutic soaks.